POLATAP: Ultimate Bluetooth Audio and Battery Kit for Travelers

Active noise-cancelling earphones, Bluetooth audio, fast-charge battery + built in cable, speakers.
All magnetically snaps into one.



When packing for a trip, we want to bring useful products that don’t take up too much space in our luggage. Only the necessary things that will help make our trip more enjoyable. But with increasing number of devices we own, our luggage only seems to be getting heavier and more cluttered.


Introducing POLATAP Traveler Kit, a Bluetooth Audio and Battery total solution for travelers.


Noise Cancelling Earphones

World-class noise cancelling performance, ergonomic fit, superior sound quality, aptX codec, and up to 400 hours of active noise cancelling with Battery Hub. Supports Audio Transparency feature which allows external sound to not just pass-through, but amplify only the sounds that matters to you.


3.5mm Audio Plug
Active Noise Cancellation(When connected to BT Receiver)
Audio Transparency mode(Activated via BT Receiver)
14.3mm Dynamic Driver


Bluetooth Receiver

Turn any wired headphones wireless. Supports any wired audio product, compact size, and compatible with in-flight entertainment using the included 3.5mm audio cable. The Bluetooth Receiver also comes with a metal clip accessory for clipping onto your shirt or pocket, so you can listen to music without getting your wires tangled.


Dual Connectivity through Bluetooth 4.0 and 3.5mm Audio Jack
Enables Active Noise Cancellation for the Earphones
Enables Audio Transparency mode for the Earphones
USB Type C port
3.5mm AUX port
Playtime: Wireless - 6 hours / Wired - 13 hours(with ANC Mode)
Attached to Charge HUB for charging via 9-pin Magnetic Interface
Attached magnetically to Clip Accessory for wearability


Battery Hub

Built-in support for Lightning, Micro-USB, and USB-C charging devices. The 6,000mAh portable battery (3X the battery capacity of iPhone 7) supports simultaneous charging of up to three different devices. The Battery Hub also acts as a charging hub for the Traveler Kit, providing plenty of charge for all of POLATAP’s products.

  • 5 LED battery charging indicator

  • 6000mA Lithium-Polymer Battery

  • High speed charging

  • Left/Right symmetric dual 9-pin magnetic interface for POLATAP accessories

  • POLATAP accessory ID check and authentication for auto-power on

  • Built-in USB type A and type C

  • Power button for USB type A voltage-out 9-pin shortage protective


Cable Kit

POLATAP’s Cable Kit contains both Lightning and Micro-USB charger ports and is able to charge both at the same time. Unlike common portable batteries, you can charge both iPhone and Android devices simultaneously, without having to bring extra charging cables. The chargers fold easily into the Cable Kit, keeping them compact and cleanly organized.


9-pin Magnetic Connection - Easy plugging and unplugging
Multi-Charging Ports - Micro USB, Lightning, and USB type C for any type of smartphones and other devices.
Short and simple built-in Lightning/Micro USB cable


Speaker Block

At just 17mm thin, POLATAP Speaker Block is the world's thinnest 3W portable speaker. It contains only the 3W driver, and can be used when connected together with the Battery Hub for source of power and Bluetooth Receiver for wireless connectivity.


Powered by Battery Hub
Audio-in from BT Receiver
Tap and Play
3W Audio Driver